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By lisa24270

Blue Blur AT324

Another busy day...went to work work which also involved looking for the Siamese cat I photographed on Saturday as he went missing on Monday.

His owner came round while I was there and said he was up in a tree behind ours so she was getting food to tempt him down and the owner's gardener was fetching a longer ladder!

On the way home I called at Stella's favourite pet shop which has been very updated since I was last there. It's been taken over but still running its loyalty card scheme and staying open till 6pm. Picked up some food to begin switching the boy onto next week and a couple of treats. While I was there I registered with our old vets too and just have to scan over his pet passport with vaccination record when I get it on Monday.

The carpenter came and finished the new gate and fence to meet the rescue charity requirements.

Sorted his insurance and verified his microchip details and his current foster mummy sent me a list of everything he already has and so I think I'm about sorted :) 

Tomorrow is for preparing Bessie for our last Summer weekend at the seaside!

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