By dogwithnobrain

Let's Drink a Drink a Drink

Our Own Bed.

Back home we'd already emptied the bag and put the washing through last night, and the washing was hung out this morning. 

Campervan Brewery seems like a life time away now... So much so that I had forgotten that in our merry stupor we had bought one of each of the tins they were selling that night. 

I'm looking forward to Hoppy Camper, and Trainspotting Leith. Oh - I just noticed the Leith Porter. I'll have that as well. 

Si has all the Bakewell and Buxton Brewery beers.  These will do me.   I love the Campervan beers - they are very me. 

We also had to deal with the smelly feet.  I had been wearing a pair fo sketchers, and by Lindisfarne, Si wanted to book a separate room for my feet.   We dealt with it temporarily by utilizing an Ikea bag with sealer to prevent the smell from escaping.  

Then  we had gone to town and purchased Odour Eaters.  We left the shoes in the bag. 

now the bag sat in the hall. I took it through to the kitchen, and stood by the washing machine.  I opened the bag and screamed.  There is something seriously wrong with my feet. 

We also had to pick up the cats, who were both conflicted - they were delighted to see us, but also very, very annoyed at having been left. 

Once we got them home, we had to go through the ritual of leaving the doors open, so that they could walk in and out as much as they wanted, feed them as much as they wanted; answer the yelps with sympathetic noises, and rub their necks until they decided enough was enough and went to sleep in their favourite places.

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