Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Hanging On

This time of year it is common to find little bumble bees nestled into flowers early in the morning.  Clearly, they've spent a big night on the town, too drunk on pollen to bumble home, assuming they even have a home.  The goldenrod in our garden is a pollinator magnet bar and many little bees can be found sleeping off the night, waiting for the sun to warm their fuzzy little bodies.  Which makes it the ideal time to snap a few pics.

Getting ready to run to one of the nearby farms to pick up corn, burrata, butter and ice cream (all made locally).  Then home for to finish some cleaning, then off to see my doctor.  My left hand is particularly bothering me today, so I'm hopeful he will have some ideas as to how to minimize the stiffness and swelling.  

Bestie Peg is arriving this evening, in time for dinner - so looking forward to seeing her!

Haven't decided on the chocolate pick for today but definitely something dark.

Be safe out there people.


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