on the Thames at Cliveden National Trust :)

Third visit in 4 weeks, I just can't get enough of this place at the moment!!

I started off though by having my car MOT'd.  Thankfully its passed - but there are a few points that need to be dealt with at some point...

Anyway, I dropped home and picked up my camera and my kagool as I wasn't sure what the weather was going to do, but its been sunny and rather muggy too.

I got to Cliveden and found there is a buggy that you can ride on to the Thames, so I decided to do that as my knees are rather sore at the moment.  It was lovely and peaceful first thing :)

When I came back, I went for a coffee and sit down, then I went back to the Long Garden, which I really love.  To my surprise it was quite empty of people, so I got some super photos of the purple flowers and statues (extras).

I came home just as Cliveden was getting really busy, and popped to the supermarket, so now I've got my legs up and resting my sore knees.  Not sure what I've done to the right knee - the left one has problems since my freak accident several years ago now, but the right one is incredibly sore at the moment.  Might see what it would cost to find a physio, or chiropractor through my work health scheme with BUPA...

Looking forward to a favourite dinner tonight - vegetable biryani :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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