After the Kyna.

By Triciamb

Farewell to Ward 1

It would be lovely to report that the farewell meant completion of treatment but not so.
Haematology at WGH in Edinburgh has been part of the Macmillan Day Treatment centre, and I went there for my first blood transfusion in August 2010.  I have been going there ever since, initially every 6 weeks, then every month, and for the last few years every two weeks. 
There is a new Haematology unit in across the road, just under Ward 8 which is the inpatient ward. Apparently the facilities are wonderful and I will have a chance to check them out in two weeks time.
Granted the excellent care, the wonderful staff and the expertise of those sticking needles into arms so regularly, I have nothing to regret with the move as none of that will change. But …… there is a feeling of sadness that I will no longer be going past all those notices, into the familiar space and even wondering if I will have a corridor long  enough to stretch my legs during the many hours of being tethered to the drip machine.

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