By Mrsmacdub

Day 26 Level 4 Lockdon

It was a lovely morning, with only a light breeze, so we went out for a nice, long walk and managed to do 13.4 kms.  Very pleasing.
The blip is taken from the sea wall on Tamaki Drive just past Mission Bay Beach.  The couple looked as though they were enjoying some solitude far from the madding crowd.  The island in the distance is Rangitoto and to the left of the couple out towards Rangitoto you can just make out Bean Rock Lighthouse. Tamaki Drive was so busy with walkers, joggers, cyclists and cars this morning - unbelievable! 
The extra is of a beautiful little poppy that opened up to the sun this morning.  Very cheerful.
There were 20 new community cases today, but the number of people in hospital is coming down, just 18 today.

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