The view from our living room window today.

Like 20 years ago, the weather is gorgeous with blue skies. We have our flag flying at half staff and there is this light breeze blowing to show it off.

In extras I have put a picture I took in 2012 when on a Hudson River cruise in the evening.

I remember this day well, sitting at my work desk, glued to my computer, watching live stream of the second tower being hit and both towers coming down.

My aunt & cousin that live in NJ, had a direct view of the city and watched as the second tower came down. They live in a community where many commute to NYC to work so many were affected.

My cousin had a good friend that had to be hosed off before being allowed on the ferry to cross home. Another had to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Many didn’t come home.

Kent went to work in the morning but otherwise we kept our day very quiet. We did have a church meeting to attend in the evening that Kent was playing the organ at and when we got home we had lovely cut grass as Joey had been. :-)

Take care of yourself and each other XX

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