By dogwithnobrain

Just Close Your Eyes And Remember

Last week I bought a punnet of Strawberries from the supermarket, because they were marked down, and I had visions of Eton Mess, Strawberry Flan.. 

I baked a Strawberry, Almond and Polenta Cake on Monday... and they sat in the fridge til today. 

I thought, mmmm What Can I do? 

my thoughts turned to the clotted cream in the fridge, and I figured, I'd make Jam. 

And Jam I made. 

himself wasn't so happy that I decided to make it just before dinner time, at the same time i was making my sister a birthday cake (belated). 

By the time I had figured out the oven wasn't hot enough for my cake and that there is a difference between temperature of water, and temperature of sugar, it was gone half seven.  

Dinner was very late. 

But all the better for having to wait so late.  An another added bonus was that we didn't eat anything after it because it was sooo late. 

And then we had a wee Bum Clenching Session for Wee Emma Raducanu.   Wow  Didn't she do well.

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