Leaving Friends

See bgcoffe’s blip to make sense of the title. He chose the ‘visiting family’ part of today, so I decided on the ‘leaving friends’ part.
These are our friends Dave and Lesley and their son, Ben. They also have a badly behaved but beautiful black Retriever dog.

We had a good visit with my aunt Helen, (my mum’s twin sister), and 3 out of 4 of my cousins. The fourth one we missed seeing this time, but will see her on Wednesday in Sutton, as she is coming to visit Bryn there. We spent the afternoon chatting non stop with a lot to catch up on. One cousin lives in Australia and another in France, so it is rare that we can all get together like that!

Having arrived at our first actual campsite tonight in the dark, it was quite a challenge! We will have to do something about the bugs being attracted to the light!

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