Shadows in time

By cairistiona

Knavesmire walk

I walked Leia right round the Knavesmire this morning. This 'Man and Dog' bench is at the top and we stopped here for a rest. We walked over short grass, through long grass, along paths & tracks, under trees, through, woodland, across the playing field. We were about to go back to the car. And then I realised that somewhere along the way, I'd lost my keys.

I checked and double checked everything in my hands: phone, lead, poo bags... Yep, no car keys. I looked back at the Knavesmire in all of its vastness, and realised my chances of finding them were probably slim.

I thought I might have left them on the Man and Dog bench but I had not. I also thought I might have posted them into the dog poo bin, along with Leia's poo, but when I got back to it, I found the bin had just been emptied. (In retrospect, this was a very good thing)

I did another circuit of the park (smashed my step count) but no joy, and then set off on a third lap (the dog looked at me like I was insane at this point). Realising time was getting on, I also stopped to phone my line manager and arranged to take the day off as 'emergency' leave, because I expected to be figuring out how to get new car keys for the rest of it. Then as soon as I hung up, and walked a few more paces - there were my car keys on the grass.

I was very lucky to find them - the Knavesmire is huge, and they were in the middle of a field area, not on a path.

- Everyone I met and asked if they'd seen my keys was lovely and went out of their way to help.
- I now have an unexpected day off work.
- I've burnt so many calories, I now deserve cake.

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