I Witness

By KangaZu

Monarch Number ...

.... fourteen.

We had a full day today doing lots of things but the most important (and scary) was the trip to first the Express Care and then to the ER. 

Throughout the day R said he wasn't feeling well ... and was having some chest discomfort.  Later after supper he asked me to take him to Express Care as the discomfort continued.  At Express Care they did an EKG and highly recommended that we go to the ER where they could do some more testing.  When it comes to heart issues they don't mess around with!

We stopped back home to pick up a few things to keep us busy in the ER and then went to the hospital.  They got us back in a room rather quickly because like I said ... they don't mess around!  We were in the ER for around 4 hours while they did some more testing.  He was released when his blood work came back negative ruling out a heart attach.  Phew!

Earlier in the day before all this played out we released our 14th monarch butterfly ... a male.  I had recently found out that my BIL's brother passed away from COVID-19.  His wife had also passed away from COVID about 5 weeks before.  We released this monarch in memory of Harvey's brother Les.  We have one monarch chrysalis left in our nursery and plan to release in memory of Inez ... Les's wife. 

Backblipped: September 13, 2021 ... filling in the blanks. 

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