A day in the life

By Shelling

Geranium corner

They will be here a while yet, I don't bring them in before there's a risk for frost. I think they look good this summer, they've had plenty of sun, been watered properly and had some grass clipping on top of the soil for nourishment and to keep the moist longer. That seems to have had a good effect.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Chiropractor. Some tight muscles in my back are troubling me, probably I've done something wrong when playing or sitting too much at the computer, or probably both. The body is a complex system and I need someone with special knowledge to look at how I use my arms and shoulders. The symptoms are that a shoulder muscle is tight and when I lean my head back slightly, my left arm tingles and "goes to sleep" if you know what I mean. Most unpleasant. She gave me some things to practice, hopefully she's on to something.

The rest of today has been spent having my hair cut (at the hairdresser) so that I now look as decent as I get, before my trip to Denmark to see my cousins on Friday.
And, as usual I have music to learn how to play for the next concert.
 Another full day, still sunny but we're waiting rain from tomorrow.

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