A Day of Four Halves

Absolutely tipping down in the morning (see extra).

But then, it cleared up, the sun shone bright enough to burn certain Mancunians as they kayaked on the Lake (see here) and swam.

Middle of day was lunch and a good nap.

Then, a wine tasting at Ervideira, which Julia enjoyed more than she thought she would, with a charming lad called Miguel. It ended with the current Count of Ervideira, Duarte, coming out to explain to us why, although he has an organic wine, he really thinks the best way is to make wine "intelligently".

Back home, to salmon fried in olive oil with bacon and garlic, broccoli, and oven potatoes. And now, hopefully, an early(ish) night ready for an early start tomorrow...

And, please welcome my best friend from Leeds Uni days, who has now passed her first ten Blips, really hoping she gets addicted - I want to keep in better touch with her!

- that it stopped raining (much as I'm grateful for it), and the sun came out for our guests
- the delicious wines we tasted this afternoon, never ceases to impress me how there can be so many flavours in grape juice when it's been kept for a bit!
- the colours across the sky as the sun went down on our way home 

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