By dunkyc

The Birds

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not a great photo, but it was taken on a zoomed iPhone which rarely works out that well.

I had my head down and was busy working away, when I suddenly had an eery feeling like I was being watched, and as I looked up there was this gang of sparrows lined up along the wall, who looked to be plotting something. There were also some more of them in the middle of this shot, but they flew off as I fumbled with the phone.

As you can probably tell, I have not had the busiest of days. I am fairly quiet at the minute, but am making the most of this by prepping for the forthcoming silly season of October and November.

With it being such a beautiful day, I had a later lunch than usual, took a stroll through town and sat and enjoyed a chat and a brew on a sun-baked Gooseholme (a nice green bit in Kendal, adjacent to the river). With all the Autumnal talk of late, I may have a couple of questions to answer if I appear on the next video call with a bright red head*….

*or indeed a brunette of low intelligence.

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