Tiny Tuesday ....

... Cicada.

But not from Brood X ... AKA 17 year cicada.  We actually get cicadas on a yearly basis and this is one of those.  And even though it doesn't have the red eyes like the 17 year variety it's still pretty cool.  

I've added a couple of Extras that would also qualify for Tiny Tuesday. 
Extra #1: Two skippers on the Mexican Torch flower.  I had initially thought the one on the right was just waiting his turn but not 30 seconds later I was photographing some insect porn!  I left them to it!
Extra #2:  One of our tiny chipmunk youngsters.  I've seen some growth to them since first seeing them back on August 27.  But they are still so darn cute!

Thanks to JDO (Jill) for hosting Tiny Tuesday all this month.  And once again ... thank you for covering the first week of October for me.  

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