By AnneILM60

Bees & Butterflies

This morning before the temperature got too high on the thermometer, I went out with the camera and got some shots of the bees and butterflies that were very active today.

I began to put a box together of things I’ll be sending to my Mum as soon as the pudding mixes I’ve ordered arrive

I’m now beginning to work on the Scalloped SuperDuo Band & Piazza earrings to replace the ones in “sea foam” that I gave away to Angie.

I just packaged up this same set in “pastel light rose” to give to a friend I call “Princess Yorlanda” as she calls me “The Queen”!

That means once I finish making a replacement sea foam set, I’ll be making a pastel light rose set.

My Mum texted me today to let me know that 3 people on Westray had passed away this week. She told me who 2 of them were. I just found out who the third was and it turns out to be someone I’ve never met but have texted and messaged with many times over the years What a sad time for those on the island.

Take care of yourself and each other xx

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