Ristosan's Journal

By ristosan

The Great Gig In The Sky

by Pink Floyd and Clare Torry (Live)

Woke up before six and took an almost 2 hour walk. The timing was perfect as I  caught the few minutes when the morning sky had the most awesome colours. The main blip is the middle picture in time. The extra shows the more red and orange photo taken 2 minutes before and the more lilac version taken perhaps 3 minutes before the main blip as I continued my walk. The only processing I did with these was to align the image so I did not mess with the colours.

The sky picture is appropriate also in the respect that my mother-in-law has now contracted pneumonia, which the doctors are not treating as she has been moved to the palliatic care unit. We visited her there, and my wife is still there by her bedside.

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