By fairyhedgehog

A beautiful rose

Today's highlight was a visit to Pets at Home for James and Carly to buy guinea pig hay and look at the cute animals. There weren't many of those in the shop today.

I did get out for a walk later - it was glorious. The late afternoon sunshine was warm, there were lovely smells (although I think someone had a bonfire going) and flowers are still blooming in the gardens round here. 

There was a lot of cut grass on the common land and the smell took me straight back to childhood. I lived in a council flat and the grass wasn't cut very often, so when it was there was a lot of it! We used to play a game where one of us would crouch down, and the others would pile the cut grass on them saying "Green man, green man arise! Green man, green man arise! Green man, green man arise and chase me!" and the child who was crouching had to leap up and chase us.

I can't find a record of that game anywhere.

Anyway, the rather lovely rose was in a garden I passed on my walk.

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