Today's collage.......

The guys came to cut the hedge today and clear all the rubbish away, they did a great job.  The top left is the before photo, and the top right is the after photo.  The hedge surrounds our whole garden so there is a lot of it.  I always used to do it, but it has got too much for me in my 'old age'!
I spent the morning in the kitchen cutting and peeling the final bucket of quinces for poaching.  There was a bit more than I bargained for and it bubbled past the lid, so I spent another hour cleaning up the mess, but the quince is fine and tastes as good as ever.  Packed and now in the freezer.
Update on the 3rd jab - I did not sleep well as it was done on the side I normally sleep on.  It was quite sore to the touch last night and lifting my arm was a bit painful.  Today the arm has worked overtime with peeling, and I can move it with not too much of a problem.  It is still painfully though if I touch it, so sleeping will be a problem again, I guess.  Other than that, I feel fine.
Dinner tonight was finishing off the potato and pumpkin bake with courgette stuffed with nuts and fruit.   I slightly overstuffed it, so I had a bit more cleaning up!!  It tasted great though so not a problem.

Have a fab weekend everyone and thanks for the visit.  Keep safe.

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