Mini Orchid

I bought this mini orchid the other day in Lidl, the whole plant is a maximum of 13 cms (5 inches) high, it has white flowers with a light tinge of yellow and pink in the centre but I decided to play games with it   You have it in mono with the yellow and pink tinge in the frame.  Another learning curve the mono photo did not want to put on a coloured frame, but I got the better of it in the end :-)

It is raining lightly and the best part of the morning was spent cleaning the bottom tray from the oven that I had the syrup go over onto yesterday.  Finally, it looks like new, but it did also not want to come clean easily despite all the recommended tips!  I popped over to our Dr who lives over the road and took him a container of the poached quince, he is a big fan of quince jelly which I give him some every year.  It will be interesting to hear what he thinks of them poached.

Dinner tonight is simple, an avocado starter and a mealie (corn on the cob) main course with a big salad.  I am contemplating making a side dish of roasted cauliflower and garlic but still undecided.  Quince for pud.

19h30  I have a Zoom baby shower to attend in Dallas, something different and I am actually quite looking forward to it.

Have a good Sunday and what is left of Saturday.  Keep safe and thanks for the visit.

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