By Hanulli


We got a delicious selfmade cake from my friend A. 
It was a thank you for borrow her H0tamers trailer :-D
Teba wanted to eat my piece of cake too, but bad luck for her, I enjoyed it myself.

It was a busy day. It started with the weekly grocery shopping in the morning, painting the wall and caring for Teba. I made the concrete for the last wall Hotamer was setting up. I had to go to the building store for some more concrete. Coincidentally my friend A. needed some stuff, too and we decided to go together. That was really fun. We used to had our weekly dog walk until Omo had his second cruciate ligament tear. Than her beloved dog Blue suddenly died and we started our terrace project. All in all we have rarely time for a long chat, so we enjoyed the trip to the store a lot. When we came back home (without new plants!!!) M. and C. surprised us with a short visit. We finished the wall we build from  the remaining palisades and I painted the wall on the house with the bitumen on it. It seems to be not working. Perhaps it is better after a second layer tomorrow.
Than followed the usual evening routine. Now it's 1:30 and time for bed.
No alarm tomorrow, yeah!

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