By pensionspoet

More family time

Today really has been one of highs and lows. Beginning early this morning with a plan to leave home by 8.45 in 2 cars for a drive to Cambridge ( Melbourn actually) to spend the day with the Gibbs side of the family. I did a dash to the chickens on my bike at 8, then we were loaded up to leave on time when Dan arrived with Josh. Henry came in the car with me. Poor Henry. Non stop talking from me until 10am when The Archers came on and he got a rest!

I went via 2 friends in Linton to drop off 'hut STUFF' purchases, and to say hello. It was lovely to fleetingly see 2 friends in the flesh. Then a lovely day was spent in Melbourn with the family. Sadly there were still 4 family members missing, but it has been a long time since there were even this many of us together, and it was so nice. We belatedly celebrated Sophie's 18th which was in June and her engagement to Freddie recently, who we met today, and in all had a lovely day.

Now the down bit of the day. A most horrendous drive home in torrential rain through huge swathes of flooded roads. On the A11 dual carriageway, I aquaplaned frighteningly ending up in the hard shoulder as I frantically tried to guide my car off the road as I could see in my rear view mirror traffic hurtling towards me. My car literally just stopped, but I got going again and crept slowly along to the 5 ways roundabout. Jon was ahead and had stopped. He got me a Mcdonalds cup of tea, and chocolate. I was really shaking. Then another hour and a half drive through loads more rain and floods. I'm glad that journey is over. At one point I thought me, Henry and my little mini were going to be gonners. I might have to think about getting a bigger car...

Heading to bed now. Shattered but glad to be back.

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