Silly Saturday ...

... silly cat!

We have a couple of Black Swallowtail buttefly nurseries right now.  I believe that most of the remaining caterpillars and chrysalids will be overwintering at this point.  

One of the butterfly enclosures is HUGE ... about twice the size of a normal enclosure.  And we currently have a lot of chrysalids but also a few cats still munching away.  I noticed that cat in my photo doing his/her walkabout this morning.  And when we got home from our walk at Plainfield rail trail I saw where he/she had decided to J-hook ... right on top another chrysalis!  There isn't anything we can do about this besides watch it play out next Spring when they both emerge.  Silly, silly cat!

First thing this morning I saw a beautiful female Ruby-throated hummingbird at our feeder.  The light was coming from the wrong side but I still managed a few decent photos ... I've added a collage to Extras. Sadly, our sightings of hummingbirds has been dwindling as they all head south for the colder months. 

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