Mike Lincoln

By Linxpix

The Community Imp

Wide Wednesday's theme for today is sun or moon, hosted by BobsBlips, thank you, Bob, so I needed to pop into the castle to get a last look at the imps before being auctioned at the end of the week. Well I think this fits the theme rather well take with my 7-14 lens at the 12mm end which makes it equivalent to 24 mm full frame.. the artwork is by local Lincoln artist Sian Bristow, who's Manchester Bee artwork sold for £27,000 raising money for the victims of the  Manchester arena Bombing which was the second highest bid of the night. 
The money from the Imps auction will be going to our local hospice St Barnabas , unfortunately some have been vandalised and can't be repaired, but some have been repaired and are going into auction. One of the worst damaged ones was the football imp which has been repaired and repainted :-)

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