The Young Care Budgie Bolt 2013

First of all... sorry. There are some things that you just can't be unseen.

It just so conveniently happened that Cam would be in New Zealand on holidays whilst the Young Care Budgie Bolt was on this year. Young Care is a charity that helps young people get out of aged care and a charity that Cam worked closely with in his previous role. Before he left he asked a favour- if someone would be happy to run the event for him in his absence.

Simon stepped up to the plate and after unsuccessfully recruiting friends around the office, turned to Scott at Southern Cross Austereo and Triple M who sponsored the great event to seek some 'safety in numbers'. Thankfully Marto from the Triple M Grill Team was down for the challenge and was actually in the same friendless boat as Simon. So this is a picture of the two of them stripped down to the budgie smugglers for Young Care before the race.

Thankfully it wasn't a cold day and 250 other bolters were out in force which made it a little easier running past the crowds at Eagle St Pier around 4.30 pm on a Friday afternoon! Simon actually ended up coming 5th or 6th in the bolt and Marto, after skulling a beer at the turn around point, managed to finish within the top 200 in a charity race- his best result ever.

Check out Marto's half waxed chest, the ex wallaby got through the first half of the chest wax and couldn't continue because of the pain!

More than $100,000 was raised for Young Care from both Sydney and Brisbane, it was well worth the challenge (and embarrassment). If you are crazy enough to get on board next year, speak to Simon... there is always safety in numbers!

Thanks again to Scotty and Marto for their support.

Want to see what Ikon is smuggling? Click here!

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