Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2461. A sign of Autumn

This beautiful growth is on the side of the wall of the local swimming pool….it turns the most glorious red in the Autumn….a real sign that the season is changing rapidly!

Collected my friend’s MacBook Air this morning and it’s in great condition and she’s so pleased….glad her tech is finally working out for her!

Mine, however isn’t doing as well….:(

Bought a new wireless mouse and keyboard for my Mac mini but neither will connect unless you are able to use an alternative mouse and keyboard first to allow you to get into the settings to add them…a bit disappointed that they don’t just connect automatically as I traded my Apple mouse (which I don’t like) this morning thinking they would just connect the same as the Apple ones do…so I’m going to take them back to Curry’s for a refund and may have to buy back the Apple mouse I traded this morning…I’ve also ordered a usb wired mouse from Amazon so I’m going to try that first. If that doesn’t work then I’ll have to buy back my old Apple mouse for £10 more than I got when I traded it in :(
Oh the wonders of technology! When it works…it’s great…but very frustrating when it doesn’t!

Off to volunteer at the mass vaccination centre this afternoon for a three hour shift…hope it’s busier than last week!

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