Willow Emerald again

Pete and I had our flu jabs this morning at Boots - very well-organised, no waiting and excellent social distancing. He's had no after effects but my arm is decidedly tender yet again....

In the afternoon we visited a former quarry site just over the border in Lincolnshire, that's just been acquired by the Parish Council for the princely sum of £1. We found plenty to interest us. There were three species of stonewort and five species of pondweed, including Fen Pondweed, which is nationally scarce. The assemblage of plants, together with the variety of aquatic invertebrates mean that it would qulaify for selection as a Local Wildlife Site. 

There were plenty of dragons and damsels dashing about during our visit. This Willow Emerald is one of the few that remained stationary for a while, though it chose an inconveniently dark and breezy corner for its rest. This is the first I've seen this year, despite the fact that they are now in pretty much every set of local ponds and lakes that has some overhanging trees!

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