tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Land's Edge

A new mural  adorns our town's theatre/cinema, Theatr Gwaun.

The playhouse is named after the river that flows into the old harbour where the (thumbnailed) herring was formerly the main catch and diet of the fisherfolk who lived there.

The mural's theme is the sea and its connection with the area's history and land/sea /sky environment. A local legend tell of a mermaid who cursed the farm where she was held captive. Seals and cetaceans abound in the offshore waters, occasionally whales are sighted.  Birds feed, breed and soar among the cliffs. Constellations  guided the mariners.

The smaller motifs mostly reference human activities along the coast and across the channel to Ireland: travel, transport, work and recreation.

By great good fortune the mural was completed  just in time for the start of a festival of cultural events taking place this weekend, entitled "On Land's Edge". As people arrived to take their seats for the first perfomance  exclamations of surprise and admiration  greeted the sight of the brand-new wall painting as it glowed in the early evening lights. 

Extra: the mural in its entirety. (Its creator is Grant Radford, a professional muralist but much of the content was inspired by local children's ideas, as ppatrick has just reminded me.)

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