That's it. A basic coffee photo, something I don't do too often. We ate outside at Corner Tavern, which has closed its takeout window now that people can eat indoors. I'm not comfortable eating indoors, especially with the virus picking up again in this area.

I'm enjoying the new job. I've been there for a month now, which is nice. But I also feel the need for a vacation or a getaway. I just want to go away and relax somewhere new and nice.

I rode my bike later. That was fun, but it was cold and I am out of shape. It was around 65 F (18C), which is still cold to my Arizona blood. I guess I'll never really acclimate, huh? I need to get on my bike more because I only made it to the bone cave before I was tired. That's only a 6-mile (9.5-km) trip.

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