While I was prowling round the back of the garage and the wholesale wine merchant a burly man emerged from behind the metal screen protecting his workshop.

'You looking for something?' he said, in a keep-off-my-premises sort of way.

'No, just taking photos. Do you want to see?' Without giving him time to answer I showed him this one and told him I liked the shapes.

He was a bit taken aback then softened slightly as he registered that I was probably harmless. 'Wouldn't keep anyone out anyway.'

'That's what I thought,' I said, 'but I wasn't going to try.'

'So, you an artist?'

'Well... sort of.'

'Thought so. You artists don't think like normal people.'

Then we had a long conversation about human nature and people who break into places and people who rip others off and tax dodgers and about how he hates Sundays because he hasn't got work to distract him so he just sits at home and cries all day ever since his wife died four months ago.

Black and white in colour 18

Edit: revised title courtesy of lookseeclick.

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