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By Kanyl


NO!  Kohlrabi.  A veg. I am familiar with, but not grown for YONKS.
My easiest route, here, is to copy/paste "what I have wrote"(© Eric Morecambe.) elsewhere.
"I learn All kinds of odd stuff online.
I've just been preparing a Kohlrabi for cooking.
Bloke on Youtube claims it translates as "Cabbage Turnip".

Ever the doubting Thomas I had to check.  To be "Cabbage Turnip" it would have to be "Kohl Rübe".
Qn. 2 I have 4 U:-
1. D'you reckon it's been Anglicised?
2. D'you think that's where "they" got the idea of referring to some of their compatriots as "Rubes" ?

AND - as a comical afterthought, what about all the poor lads Christened Ruben? ?
B. T. W. I'd as soon munch raw Kohlrabi as an Apple, it's MUCH sweeter than the last two Apple varieties I've tasted."

Also - if you're into Stir-Fries &/or Chinese Cookery sliced "Cold Rabbits" makes an excellent substitute for either Bamboo Shoots or Water Chestnuts.

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