Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

Slowly But Surely

It's been a while since I last posted on Blipfoto. I have been busy as the rest of the Tuttle clan have, renovating our new home while trying to fit in work, school, swimming, tradesfolk, scouts, cooking meals and making proper coffee. The kitchen/diner is almost complete. The only thing left now is the new worktop on top of the fridge unit on the LHS, window/patio doors, a bit of glossing and personal touches like portraits & pictures. The kitchen, though generally good quality as you would expect from Wickes has been letting us down over the last few weeks due to niggly problems and vicious circles within the customer service department. The "unsquare" worktop issue was eventually solved with Wickes agreeing to send out a new 1.8m length worktop as there wasn't enough worktop to go round from the original supply. Initially, they said "no", we refused to accept, then they offered us a new one for half the price (nope), then they suggested the customer service route (via 4 + customer service people over the phone), which in turn lead us BACK to the store manager, who conveniently was not in store, then BACK to the original designer, who eventually agreed to send out a ne worktop, for free. This happened two weeks ago. We are still waiting for this new worktop. 4FS!

That aside, there is still loads to do throughout the rest of the house, but looking like a different house and more "our" house. Once our "Snug" room is complete I will be able to upload the rest of the progress pics (before, during, after etc) from my phone. My proper camera has not seen much day light, so hopefully that'll change soon.

See you soon, as I gotta get back to work.....

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