A Day In The Life

By Irish59

In The House

The intruder has made his presence known inside the main house. Yes. Apparently after spending a few nights in the back room alone with the furnace and washer and dryer, he became curious about what was behind the folding door • It was noticeably chilly this morning so we waited for the sun to warm it up a bit before going to our local Feed Store to buy suet and seeds for the birds, plus a few bags of dirt and manure for the garden • By mid day the temps climbed to the mid-60s, it was delightful :) MrsP suggested a couple of stops at the river before heading home, and we were rewarded with mallards, cormorants, an eagle, and a couple of blue herons • When putting our new purchases away, I noticed a seed block I had taken out earlier was now on the floor with a small hole in the package. Pieces of packaging, seed shells, plus some excrement was next to the block. Jeepers Creepers, it’s in the house!! I think it’s a mouse, MrsP insists chipmunk. Either way, we’re counting on the cats to do their job, and if they fail to do so, our humane traps should be here Friday…

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