By Mrsmacdub

Day 9 Level 3 Lockdown

Hubby had a dental appointment this morning, so we didn’t venture out for a walk until after lunch.  Given that it had rained on and off all day, we decided to wear full waterproof gear. This turned out to be the wrong decision, as the sun came out and layers came off. We had barely walked in our front door, however, when the rain started again.  C’est la vie!

Mainfreight is a listed New Zealand logistics and transport company headquartered in Auckland. The company is built on Three Pillars – Culture, Family, and Philosophy. All its trucks have philosophical sayings and messages on the back, mostly chosen by the staff. It’s quite fun to try to read the messages as the trucks pass by.  The truck in the blip was delivering a piece of furniture, which we saw being carried in by the driver and the lady of the house.

There were 19 new community cases today, much better than yesterday’s 45.

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