Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

This is for the dogs

Isn't this beautiful? This serene and majestic stand of moss and lichen-covered trees is part of an extensive networks of trails (all equally gorgeous) in Lake Padden Park where dogs may sniff and explore with abandon, completely off-leash.

Hello, this is Lola Malu, CelloNerd's 11 month old chocolate lab/pointer mix, and I offered to write today's blip post. In addition to the natural beauty of the trails, my favorite part of this hike were the mud pits. Having the mud pits adequately spaced apart throughout the park enables me to get a running start so I can leap and land full force into the mud slurry with maximum velocity, thus creating the biggest spray of gooey, slurpy mud possible. This experience is priceless, and one every dog must try.

On today's walk, we met a lot of happy dogs brimming with energy after being cooped up during the rainy winter months. Their people did a pretty good job keeping up despite only having two legs. The sunshine, the fresh air, the lacy, lichen-ladened branches (you didn't know dogs knew about alliteration, did you?), the miles of well-groomed trails, and the glorious mud pits put a big smile on every face out there today.

I am so ready for more!

NOTE: Press "L" on your keyboard for a BIGGER view.

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