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By Mobius


Newark Odinist Temple above, was consecrated on midsummers day 2014 and is the first heathen temple to be consecrated in England in over a thousand years. 

I shall be visting very soon, one Woden's Day to look inside where it has newly commisioned paintings of many of their gods and goddesses
Osteopath visit today to sort my lower back pains gained somehow post my gig last week, followed by picking up Son of Mobius's restrung guitar.  
Odinism is based on the original pre-christian religion /spiritual beliefs of the English people (the Angles, Saxons and Jutes; but also among the many closely related tribes and nations of Northern Europe.

They worshipped different deities for different purposes: peace, war, the harvest: Frigg, the queen of the Gods, for childbirth; Freya for matters of the heart and love matches; Frey for rainfall; Thor for protection from thunder storms; and for wisdom and magical knowledge, Odin Allfather, the chief of the Gods. 

Nine Noble Values of Odinism:
Courage, Truth, Honour, Hospitality, Fidelity, Discipline, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance.

A Grade II Listed, stone-built building, the first reference to it is to be found in the will of William Phillipot, the almshouse benefactor, dated 1556 in the reign of Mary I. Originally used as an almshouse chapel, the Bedehouse Chapel, was used as a volunteer centre in 1980.

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