By Chrelizg21

More experiments..

No, it's not a badly out of focus glass dragon, it's a well-defined shadow of one projected onto a cardboard background. Decided to play with the speedlight & camera settings & distances to see if I could improve my shadows (& I actually refreshed my memory of the speedlight manual!). The camera's angled down, the light's well behind it angled up, the dried grass was close to the cardboard & gave me something to focus on, & my little LED helped me predict where the shadow would end up, to place everything & avoid getting the actual dragon in the shot. Might have been even sharper if I'd restricted the diameter of the light at source. Not that I plan to use the resulting image for anything, but it's progress - & what else does one do on a wet & windy  afternoon?

The extra shows the original, taken a while back for a different project. Hand made by a scientific glass-blower in Cardiff, I believe (it was a Xmas present)

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