Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Hedera helix

Or common ivy. It makes a change from roses which are mostly looking a bit past their best. It's going to get more difficult finding easy blips now so I may have to get more creative. 

I took this on my way back from the library where I had been renewing books. At least you can now just turn up without having to book a slot. Otherwise I started doing things in preparation for going away next week. It's about the only thing which gets me to tidy up and that's because the cat sitter will see the state of my flat. 

I did my first ever lateral flow test as practice for doing one on Monday before going to join T on Tuesday. I really hope we will both be negative, I would hate not to go away. One other notable thing about today was Leeds United's first win of the season. I was brought up in Leeds and my younger brother is a dedicated fan and now that they are back in the Premier League I'm going to the trouble of getting alerts. I never watch them, just get the scores.

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