The Way I See Things


Sunshine... a vase.

I've been nursing these sunflowers along for a week now, against the day when I might need to photograph them. Sadly, by the time that day arrived they were very much past their best, but they were still the brightest thing I saw all day.

Other than a bit of still life fartnarklery, nothing much happened today. It was very much a day for slow-cooking sausages in a caramelised onion gravy for dinner, while watching the rain running down the windows, and piling on layers of clothing so as not to feel the need to turn on the heating. And for pretending to be sorting out photo files and catching up on my invertebrate reporting, while actually mainly browsing Twitter and playing Sudoku on the computer.

Luckily it's now wine o'clock, so I'm off to watch Vigil on catch-up with R.

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