Atumn still live !!

We drove back home from our vacation yesterday. Yesterday it was nice and dry with little wind. They have reported a lot of wind and rain for today.
Driving a caravan with a lot of wind and rain is not such a pleasant experience.
Today our vacation actually came to an end.
I had bought a few pumpkins on vacation and immediately brightened up the terrace with them today.
I quickly made a nice still life of it. Add a candle in a pot with pine cones and it immediately looks nice again.
Tonight light the candle, we can enjoy the view.
I also have 2 jars of chrisanten and it looks nice again right away. Not that the garden is not nice, autumn has also made its appearance there.
The hydrangeas are changing colors beautifully and the pots are still in full bloom.
It's a bit rough outside, but the temperature is lovely. I hope to be able to go for a walk this afternoon, but I have a cold and don't feel so well now. I hope with a paracetamol that I immediately feel a bit better.
Have a nice Sunday everyone.

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