The second half of life..

By twigs


A breakthrough kind of day on a couple of fronts.....

Firstly, I decided the back was simply ging to have to be up to a bit of gardening.  At this time of the year everything is accelerating, including the weeds, and if I'm going to get some mulch spread over a patch of weedy ground (in an attempt to starve said weeds of light and therefore energy to grow) then I needed to do some work on the patch first.  I spend some 3 hours on and off digging and weeding.  When the back was sore I went indoors for a rest, then returned for another stint when I felt good again.  By the time I finished I have to say, it was looking good :)   Of course, I collapsed in front of a nice gently-warm fire in the evening and that's where the second breakthrough I turned over I felt a gently slipping or easing of something which instantly made me a lot more comfortable and made bending forward a whole heap easier.  Yay!  Thank you weeds :D

No that these forget-me-nots are weeds........  ;)

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