By WharfedaleBex


I met a cyclist with nine bikes (not with him).  He told me about a magnificent app that connects with Strava and ticks all the 100 Climbs books rides that you've done.  I'm rubbish at keeping records like that but give me something that does it for me...

Actually, the best part is the map.  You can see all of the hill climbs in all of the books over the whole of the UK.  Never miss a hill wherever you're going! He did warn me it becomes addictive.

He also told me about a fan you can get for a turbo that connects to your heart rate and turns itself up when your heart rate goes up.   I think it would make my heart rate increase more, either laughing or from stress because it thinks I can't cope! 

It was lovely to see sunshine again.  We've hardly done badly this year but a bit of rain and you wonder if it can possibly clear again. Well, it did!

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