Trencrom Hill

We enjoyed a lovely walk this morning up Trencrom, thanks Piskie for recommending it.  I’d love to come up here again on a clearer day, the views all round are stunning.  We had it to ourselves for a short while,  which was so good.  We filled up the car as full as it will go, recycled stuff, then got the bus round to St Ives.  It was dreadfully busy around the harbour, Fore Street was ridiculous, wall to wall people, busier than I’ve ever seen it.  Lord knows what it must have been like in summer.  I got another stripey Breton top from the Fisherman’s Cooperative which was all the shopping I needed.
However I couldn’t resist visiting a gallery which used to belong to Ponkle, a gallery I loved years ago.  It’s now a locally made jewellers & I got a pair of earrings.  Then on to our friends, they have a lovely little house on The Digey, an ex net loft, which they rent every year at this time.  They had just come back from the hospital, J had twisted her knee & was in a lot of pain, but she was just told to take anti inflammatories (she can’t) & see her GP when she gets home.  The three of us women went out for a stroll despite the knee & the crowds, leaving Tad & S to walk down memory lane.  We had to go back, no where to sit down J was really struggling.  Apart from that we had a lovely time,  the conversation flowed, S cooked a terrific beef stroganoff, & we got the last bus back.  Quite a few people on the bus, we were the only people wearing masks, & one man was coughing, first time that’s happened.

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