These guys were here at 7.30 this morning.  And worked like Trojans all day.  They have finished re-roofing the shed, and later this afternoon started on the house.  It became very hot, we topped the country temperatures today of 24°, so no wonder they stripped off, working on black long-run iron.  These four photos were taken from inside while they were on the shed roof, me being sneaky.   I’ve put a photo in extra too.
Did a supermarket shop early this morning, I needed a few extras as I'm hosting our craft group here in the morning.  After lunch I set to and made a walnut torte, it’s all creamed and covered in the fridge…..just some decorating to be done to it in the morning.  A tray of fresh sandwiches and a tray of savoury toasties will also be made in the morning. 

Covid continues to spread southwards and northwards as well,  the level 3 border has again been extended.  I think there were 29 new cases today. 

Thanks so very much for your response to my blip yesterday.  You’re all very kind.


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