Gloria's journal

By Gloriapatricia

Tickle that tummy

Because that is what she wants! She loves sleeping on the sofa during the day. In summer we dissuade her. But once it gets colder we let her, providing we've put a throw for her to sit on. I had an email from our vets earlier this week informing us that although Mittz and Pebbz were due to have their booster jab it would be delayed for at least a month as there was a country shortage of the vacine! Another shortage! Sounds familiar!

Dentist for me this morning to have my new crowns fitted. I wasnt sure whether I would need injections but luckily I didnt. So three new crowns are now all in place. I feel I can only eat soft things although the dentist assured me providing I was careful they wouldn't come out!

Jack made me pancakes which I could go on eating forever!

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