By Shutterup

Flower Friday

Another grey sunless day... warm but drear.
Stupidly ordered a sains delivery for 7-11am thinking it would never arrive at 7 because you dont get sent a text till just after 7am usually.. woke with a start at 6.30 when I heard an engine outside but it was just a paper delivery... just dozed off a little when i heard another engine.. this time it was the delivery at 6.56!!  how typical that I should get the early slot.. usually when I have a four hour time slot I am at the end not the beginning!!
Looking forward to having my daughter home for the weekend (extended) .. she lives on a boat so having decided she will come home to change summer for autumn clothes she has ordered so much stuff which has been arriving all day!!  She may need an extension to fit it all in!!... :D
Happy weekend all

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