My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

The lights are on and some fans are home

Shrews 3 Wolves U21 1
Papa John's Trophy

If the first half is any indication of how Shrewsbury have been playing this season then its no wonder they're currently languishing second bottom of League One. The most exciting part was Aaron exclaiming "trains" as a Virgin flashed a cross the gap between the stands.

My halftime bovril warmed everything up though and 3 late goals in a much better 2nd half gave Shrews the win against Wolves kids. As it turned out, half the Shrews teams were teenagers too, including one of the goalscorers, Tom Bloxhall, who I'd described as "the size of a tank" and turned out to be 17!

It was a good night with the two of us, even if Aaron wasn't happy with the least he didn't wear a Wolves shirt in the end.

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