The second half of life..

By twigs

Fly therapy

A lovely day that faded to grey late afternoon just before the heavens opened.  Luckily I'd been playing with some macro shots during the sunny time and captured these shots (one in extra) as the flies set about devouring an over-ripe banana which had been left out for the birds (though they'd decided it was a bit too ripe for their tastes I think).  Flies are fascinating creatures; filthy habits certainly, but structurally quite amazing at close quarters.  

In COVID news, the leak continues.  34 new community cases were announced this afternoon - good to see a slight drop.  NOT so good though was the news that a case has been identified in the Bay of Plenty this evening.  We're told it's a low risk case, unlike the recent Northland breaches and whilst that's good news, it's still concerning that another region has been affected.  The crawl south continues.  

I guess things could be worse.........I could be a fly.

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