Me, My Camera & I

By notgraham

Lets go do Durham for the day, they said

It'll be great, they said. 
Well the weather put pains to that. We got there and it was miserable. Truly miserable.
There was a nice farm shop and cafe nearby - lets go there. Google say's it's open. It is, but only the outside catering shack. 
The inside part was closed for renovations. 
Tea in a disposible cup, in the car, hoping the rain might turn off wasn't to be. 
So, as an alternative, we went to the Metro Centre to sit in a darkened room and watch anything but James Bond, which is quite hard when the multiplex Odeon decides that having 28 showings of No time to Die is a good thing. 
However, the file we did see may have not been much better - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
I like the MCU, but this one didn't grab me, but I can tick it off the list of seen movies now. 

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