Dreadful dark cloudy morning as I headed to the gym at 7am, I know an early start but now I have a routine going I don't want to spoil it, this way it didn't matter how busy the day became at least gym was done and dusted.

No sunrise and the cloud hung around until after lunch. I spent the day with both daughters, chatting over their breakfast and my morning tea snack of smoked salmon, a little lite cream cheese on cucumber rounds - delicious! After lunch we took mum to the airport for her flight to Sydney as she's having some time with my brother and his family and now I have just a moment or two here as a beef stew quietly cooks away in the oven for tea.

Just happened to look out my window to see the Leucadendron and cobweb lit by the afternoon sun.

My thoughts are with all in the northern hemisphere with the extreme and severe weather conditions they're having, I hope the spring arrives soon, take care and keep warm.

Warm thanks for your kind words, stars and hearts for yesterdays bar-tailed godwit, not sure how much time I will have here over the next week with having Daughter A home and Daughter E popping in - a few busy days lie ahead I think but I will keep blipping just might be a bit slow on commenting.

Happy Wednesday blippers :)

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